How to customize your Android like a BOSS ( Without ROOT )

So we all chose Android because of the extent to which it can be customized           ( or couldn’t afford an iphone or hated a windows phone 😀 ). Anyway if you’ve chosen Android for the former, this is a guide to basic theming.

When we get a new Android, we start off with something like this.


I’m gonna be showcasing these 2 themes.


The first thing we are going to need is a launcher. A launcher is like a replacement for your homescreen and app drawer. There are countless launchers out there and I consider Apex and Nova to be the best, because they are low-ram consuming and offer loads of customizations. Out of these 2, we are gonna be using Apex launcher.

Download Apex Launcher here

After you’ve installed it, press the home button. You’ll be asked to select the launcher. Choose Apex launcher and set it to “Always”. The next thing we need are icon packs. The trick is to use two icon packs ( one for the homescreen and one for the app drawer )

Theme 1


For the first theme, install MNML white and Aroundfull iconpacks.

Download MNML white here

Download Aroundfull here

Now go to your Homescreen. Remove all the widgets. For the wallpaper, long press on the homescreen, Add wallpaper and choose Aroundfull and select the wallpaper. Double tap on the homescreen and select apex settings and set the options like this.


Now lets theme the homescreen.



Now lets add the widget. Install Zooper widget, one of the best widgets available. With this you can create your own widgets and functionalities with endless possibilities like this one.


This is a widget I created for a speech recognition app. I’ll be posting on how to make this and setup a JARVIS later on. I just want to show the capability of this widget. For now let’s use a user created Zooper widget called Minarch. Download both of them.

Download Zooper Widget here

Download Minarch here

Add the widget to your homescreen, you’ll find loads of built-in templates and each one can be totally customized ( fonts, value, string ). Try them out !


Boss screen

Now that you know how to customize individual elements, making this theme would be easy. For this theme, disable the dock from Apex settings.

Wallpaper download

Homescreen iconpack download

Page 1

Advanced mobile care widget download

page 2

Simple Text widget download

page 3

Bob Clock widget download

Widgetsoid download

Merge the Phone and contacts app together in the homescreen and then change the icon of the folder.

Page 4

Battery Widget chart download

Page 5

Playerpro widget download


– To solve this, move the app /widget to Phone memory.

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